Kent Online Auctions, currently, only hold regular online auctions. These are either held through our own website for large/heavy items such as furniture, or via a third-party auction house portal which gives us a Worldwide audience for collectable and easily posted items. This will be clearly shown against each auction heading.

We are conveniently located in Kent and can arrange a courier service for any deliveries across the mainland UK. Cost of delivery are paid by the purchaser, unless the seller agrees to cover these costs.

We are located in a 1,200sq ft building so have ample secure storage. Collection of any items is very easy as we have a large hardstanding area and double doors which give ample access for any courier or purchaser to load items easily and we are always available, during office hours and sometimes outside of office hours, to assist with loading.

Our staff are always friendly and professional. Any collections must be arranged with ample notice being given as we cannot accept unannounced collections.

Intake of Items

To offer items for sale via auction with Kent Online Auctions is very simple. Please contact us to arrange for a convenient time for you to bring along what you would like to enter. We will discuss with you the suitability of any items you wish to offer. We are very flexible with regard to the items we are happy to accept, however, there are some exceptions, for example: we do not accept any Firearms that is still ‘active’, Live Stock, Ivory, unless it can be proven to be pre 1947. There are other items which we may not take due to the sensitivity of the item to any current or past events that have taken place.

Any item that has a brand name, we will only sell as genuine with the correct and proper documentation, otherwise it will be sold as ‘in the style of’, we also hold the right to refuse any item without any explanation given.

Selling Fees / Commissions

Sellers fee / commission is charged to sellers and calculated on a per Lot basis and are as follows:

Our sellers commission rate is 15% of the hammer price. The minimum commission is £5.00 with no charge for unsold lots. All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.

As an example:
Lot sold for: £100.00
Sellers commission: £15
VAT (20%): £3
Seller receives: £82