Collection & Storage

Here at Kent Online Auctions we are always happy to accommodate any purchaser that wishes to collect there items or assisting with any courier service our customers have arranged to collect there purchases.
We will require 48 hour notice prior to any collection.
We will also require identification that the person collecting is the person or there representative and they have permission to collect the item/s. For any courier service we will require written permission from the purchaser, (email is sufficient), detailing the name of the courier service and the items they are collecting. We will also make telephone contact with the purchaser to further confirm hand over of any item prior to the courier leaving our premises.
We are happy to store items for free, however, prior agreement must be agreed and collection must be made within a period of 5 working days. Continued ongoing storage will be charged at a rate of £10 per day, or part of, after the fifth day.